JUKI MO654DE Portable Serger

If space is at a premium but you don’t want to compromise on features, this Juki brand serger might be the solution. Measuring a tiny 10 x 13 x 11 inches or so it is easily stored away but still packs in many advanced functions.
One of the headline features of the JUKI 654DE is the automatic roll hemmer. The roll hemmer works by rolling the edge of a piece of fabric over itself twice to hide any fabric edges. The roll is then oversewn at the same time as it is rolled up. The rolled hem feature has two modes with the option for stitching to either roll around the end of the hem or for a normal overlock stitch where more strength is required. Whichever way you use it, the automatic hemming feature gives you a great neat edging for clothing, curtains, or anything else!

Another of the 654DEs useful features is its ability to handle fairly thick seams or heavy fabric. To accomplish this, the presser foot has 2 positions, easily changed with a lever at the rear of the machine. The presser foot also has a built in tape guide. Tape is very useful when sewing the seams of a stretch fabric, as it stops the fabric being pulled out of shape by stitches and provides extra support so edgings don’t pull apart.

If you are using a stretch type fabric another plus will be the differential feed. This is used to stop fabric being pulled out of shape towards or away from a seam, by changing the tightness of fabric as it is stitched. We recommend that you stitch a test piece of fabric before starting any project, and lay it on a flat surface. If you see the fabric being pulled out of shape by the stitch, adjust this setting higher if the fabric is pushed out away from the stitch; conversely use a lower setting if the fabric is pulled inwards.

Yet another feature is the ability to gather the fabric along a seam, giving a bunched effect that works well for puffy sleeves, skirts and so on.

Don’t let the size fool you – the Juki MO654DE is absolutely packed with features, rivaling many of the larger models. The machine is well made and quite user friendly – although those new to using a serger might be overwhelmed at first. This machine often sells for well over $500 but can be found here for well under that, and may qualify for free shipping to boot!

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